Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream House(s)

Okay, judging by a previous post (see here and here), you are probably already aware that I love houses. I love the architecture, the interior design, and everything else down to the roof shingles. A recent post at The Company She Keeps got me thinking about my dream house(s) once again. Here is my most recent obsession, the Southern Living Louisiana Idea House. I want to make a pilgrimage to see it... who is in?!

*Image by Laurey W. Glenn via


  1. I LOVE this house! Its my favorite and I keep showing Tom the plans so he can build one for us one day! I especially like the colors they chose for the exterior. I would never have thought of the combination but it works!

  2. Oh wow. I might go for a more wooded landscape, but that house is perfect!