Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's A Clutch Player

I just picked up the October issue of Elle. Love. As usual. My favorite part of each issue is the First Look section. I love mixing and matching the trends with my favorite staples and basics to make one knock ‘em dead kind of outfit. Here is what I would do with one of these super sassy clutches from Bottega Venetta.

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If you have your issue of Elle nearby, see page 158. I am designing this look with the pink version in mind but, if you can rock orange or lime green you definitely have my respect.

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I love mixing the vibrant clutch with a mellow cozy sweater like this Adam woven jersey option. It screams effortless to me and I think that is what everyday style is all about. A couple months ago I would probably throw a belt around the waist of this sweater but I'm kind of having a personal no-belt rebellion as of late.

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Love, love, love the look of these David Lerner Shiny Leggings with knits. Alice + Olivia has a more pricey leather version that I am dying for but the $698 price tag will literally be the death of my finances.

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This J.Crew Crystal Supernova Necklace in black is glam personified. I feel like I would instantly become fifty percent cooler if I rocked this with a white men’s v-neck t and slouchy boyfriend jeans with rolled, slightly uneven cuffs.

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I think a sky-high heel would be fab with this look but maybe a little too adventurous for my current mood. With my petite stature I surely wouldn't be able to pull off the leggings without at least a little height. I love these J.Crew Harper Crackle-Metallic Platform Heels that aren’t too high to finish off the look.

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