Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In My Shopping Bag

J.Crew introduced their newest collection recently and I have finally gotten around to posting about it. I have a habit/guilty pleasure of faux online shopping. What is faux online shopping, you ask? Well, it is pretending that I have an outrageous income that allows me to add everything that strikes my fancy to my online shopping bag. I then stare longingly at the list of fabulous items and imagine where in my closet I would place them all. Sometimes, at the end of my little shopping adventure, have found only two or three things added. This morning at J.Crew was no such occasion. Seriously, way to go J.Crew. I always loved you but this collection catapulted that love into a serious obsession.

Here is my shopping bag:

Sequin Scarf Cardigan in Pink Champagne - because I am obsessed with cardigans and sequins

Golden Cocktail Skirt in White Gold - with tights this would be perfect for a casual Christmas party. 

Sequined Starland Tank in Gold Peach - with shorts (see below)  and a cute little cropped jacket. 

Denim Cut-Off Short in Jaded Wash - I never would have thought that I would go for these but, with the cuff at the bottom, a cute pair of tights, and maybe a sequin tank (see above) it would be perfection. Unfortunately, they are back ordered until December 25--bummer. 

Annalise Ruffle Cami in Whisper Pink - I love how feminine this top is. I have a few J.Crew ruffle Cami's from past collections and I just love them. 

Silk Pajama Pant in Warm Shell - Everyone needs an elegant pair of pajamas if for no other reason than Christmas morning pictures (you know they happen, lets just make sure they aren't as tragic this year). 

Sparkle Bib Necklace in Dusty Blossom - This is the perfect addition to any look (whether casual or otherwise) to give it the perfect amount of glamour. 

Infinity Necklace in Crystal - I love a little sparkle and this is simple and pretty much goes with everything. 

Crystal Malibu Necklace in Dark Fog - I love the different textures and mix-match effect. Of course, the bows are perfect. 

Infinity Bracelet in Dried Orchid - I love a pop of color at a sleeve and I think this would achieve that perfectly. 

Pearl Jewel Box Earrings - I am obsessed. I love how vintage they look. So perfect. 

Shimmerveil Charmed Mini Bag - Because chain bags are where it's at right now.

Belle Fleur Mirror Ballet Flats in Metallic Silver - Ballet flats are my fave and I love the flower. 

* All images via jcrew.com

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  1. Hahaha, I faux shop, too! Glad to know I'm not alone! I lovelovelove the silk pajama pants, those might turn into an actual purchase!