Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

When I created this blog, I never intended to write about anything more than my favorite designers and latest must-haves. Unfortunately, the Gulf oil spill is our current reality and I can't imagine carrying on with frivolous posts while not mentioning this disaster. As a born and raised Floridian--and a lifetime Gulf coast resident--I can't imagine seeing our beaches in any state other than pristine. While catching up last night with a friend who currently resides in the mid-west I was asked what the latest on the spill was. At that time, I had just recently found out that the oil had made landfall on our beloved white sand beaches of Pensacola. Knowing that she enjoyed a vacation on the Gulf last year, there was no doubt that she had also been touched by our remarkable resource and was feeling much of the same emotions as those in our region and all across the country. As the days pass by and the oil continues to spill, I absolutely loathe the fact that this has become political-especially when it inhibits the cleanup effort. I believe the focus must be kept entirely on the solution. Once this disaster is contained, hopefully then we can begin to understand how and why this happened in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a similar occurrence in the future. 



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