Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 2

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy so I apologize for the delay.  Here are my holiday gift ideas for this week! 

J.Crew Satin Jewelry Traveler
I have a little satin coin purse that I carry my jewelry in when I travel. The problem is, I am very indecisive and tend to choose how I want to accessorize based on my mood at the time. This can become a bit of a problem when my current jewelry carrier can hold no more than one bracelet, a long triple strand beaded necklace, and two pairs of earrings. I NEED MORE OPTIONS! This traveler would make that possible. 

These ladylike gloves are TC (too cute, courtesy of Leslie Clark). I wish I lived somewhere cold if only to wear these and add an extra dash of femininity to any ensemble. Alas, I live in a place where the high today was 84 degrees so I will have to settle for gifting them to my favorite northerners. 

Because everyone should light their candles in style, of course. 

$20 (Amazon, regular list price is $40!)
I believe there is a little Julia Child in us all. This is a great gift for both the epicurean  and the water-boiling challenged. 

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