Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas: Week 1

So, my hope is to have a new list of holiday gift ideas each week leading up to Christmas. That means there should be three more installments--the last one of which will be geared toward the procrastinating gift givers, obviously. 

Also, I would like to send a shout-out to my sister up in frigid Minnesota for sending this blog topic request. For any other readers who want me to try my hand at tackling their suggested topic, please let me know. I love suggestions! 

Tory Burch's Holiday Pajama Set
Everyone loves pajamas unless they don't wear them. In which case, I am sad for said individual because she is missing a very valuable opportunity to make a style statement. 

Swoozie's Vinyl Monogram Car Decal
I will monogram anything. That includes my car. It is beyond my comprehension why some might not agree. Therefore, I give many monogrammed gifts. 

Neiman Marcus Handbag Hanger
I for one NEVER put my bag on the floor. I don't care if I am at Chick-fil-A inhaling a #1 with no pickles or brunching at the country club. This is a super cute way to keep your bag out of harm's way and also, a great way to start a conversation. The minute you pull this out and hang your bag from the table, I guarantee every lady within eyeshot will want to know what it is and where she can get one. 

Fresh Soap 
I fell in love with this soap a few years ago when my mom bought me a bar as a stocking stuffer. They are so luxurious. They come in many scents but my favorite is Mangosteen. I also think these make great hostess gifts, especially around the holidays. 

Keihl's Ultimate Man Collection
I think this is a great choice for any guy on the list. It is a pretty safe bet that they wouldn't already own these products and, I have found, once I introduce my boyfriend to a little pampering (i.e. something as basic as conditioner) he can't remember how he lived without it.

Clothbound Penguin Classics from Anthropologie
I love a good book. As I have said before, some of my all-time favorite and most memorable gifts have been books. I think I am going to have to pick up a few of these for the bookworms on my list. If you decide to gift a book, don't forget to write a short inscription inside so this simple gift can tell more than one story.  


  1. Love the car monogram decal. I monogram everything, too! And I might just have to get one of those handbag hooks :)

  2. Patty! So thrilled we SPC alumnae have found one another :) And I'm sold on your blog--great work!

    I must say, I am now considering never placing my handbag upon the floor again after that entry.

  3. You are truly gifted in the gift idea area although i have already loved most of these things! The bag hook is fabulous and a definite solution to the ever exhausting problem of holding a bag when out to dinner. Not to mention, up here in frigid Minnesota, we have to worry about jackets, scarves, gloves and hats! Oh the dilemmas caused by cold weather! Please be advised that your Christmas present may well be on your blog list of gift ideas! I do hope I choose well this year!