Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Southern Style Christmas Miracle

A problem that has plagued me this Christmas season is the ever dreaded, "OUT OF STOCK". If I see another drop-down menu that only has one size, "OUT OF STOCK", I am afraid I might turn into a regular Scrooge. This morning it had looked like I found the perfect strand of pearls, Southern Proper's Proper Pearls. Just as I was about to add them to the top of my list, my eyes fell on the unfortunate and so not ideal words that I have been seeing all too often. Alas, I will wait on these Proper Pearls and hope that a Christmas miracle results in me finding them under the tree. How hard can harvesting pearls really be?  Let's do this Southern Proper. Please make my Christmas dreams come true!


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  2. Eric was going to get those for me for Christmas and he called me the other day to break the bad news that they're out of stock! I'm so sad, they ARE the perfect strand of pearls!

  3. So sad. They are gorgeous. I did try to convince Tom they would make a good birthday gift but he forgot! As always, i will wait for my lovely sisters to gift these to me! :)