Monday, October 5, 2009

Adventures with Anthropologie

I spend most of my free time shopping whether online, on foot, or in catalogue. Note: shopping does not necessarily mean buying. A couple years ago I vowed to no longer buy anything that I didn’t absolutely die for. Therefore, my closet has dwindled to staples that will last me for many years to come. The unfortunate side is that the items I crave are a bit more expensive than the trendier pieces that will probably be out of style quicker than you can swipe your credit card. Alas, a good investment piece is sure to pay you back in full with the amount of wear it can receive as apposed to, what I like to call, disposable clothes. Last weekend’s shopping exploits took me to Anthropologie, one of my favorite places to pick up unique--but classic--dresses and layering pieces (jackets, cardigans, capes, etc.). Naturally, I fell in love with a dress in a classic silhouette and fabric that I couldn’t believe I didn’t already own.

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It was the Mariner Dress in all its seersucker glory. I LOVE seersucker. Not to mention the top of the dress is navy silk with a ruffle that goes all the way around the top and is complete with a bow in the back. So, basically this dress has an abundance of my favorite things: seersucker, navy, a ruffle, silk, and a bow. I mean, what else could a girl ask for? She could ask for a lower price. Unfortunately the dress was a little bit pricey for what I would be looking to spend on such an item. I have a hard time justifying that purchase when I won’t really be wearing it for more than a couple weeks before I have to retire it to the depths of my closet until spring has sprung again. I do love it though so if it goes on sale perhaps it will find its way to my shopping bag.

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My girlfriend Lauren who is also my shopping partner in crime has a recent interest in boleros thanks to her favorite stylist to the stars and mine, Rachel Zoe. I came across this Glinting Gossamer Bolero on Anthropologie’s Web site and am pretty sure that it “needs to have a moment”.  Delight.

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