Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Year, A New Collection

First of all, happy birthday to my lovely sister Christen! If I had the money I would buy you everything in this post. Since I don’t have the funds, you will have to settle for the thought being what counts.

Now on to business…

Big news, people! J.Crew’s newest collection arrived online yesterday afternoon! They did pretty good this go-around. Here are a few of my picks. 

This Sequin Glitterglass Tank is too much. I love it. It is the most expensive item on my list but it might just be an investment piece.  Sequins were a big hit this season on the runway and this is the perfect way to incorporate it into an everyday wardrobe without being too over the top. Okay, fine. Some may view a sequin top as a little much. We will have to agree to disagree.

Ahh. The Silk Taffeta Belted Short in wild blackberry. Heaven. I am a big fan of unique shorts. Dress them up, dress them down, they are definitely a go-to in my wardrobe.  I am obsessed with wearing them with tights just like this model.

I am pretty obsessed with this Silk Ruffle Cascade Jacket, also in wild blackberry. Note: Puh-lease do not wear it with the short above! Disaster.

The Wool Twill Addison Trouser is oh-so-chic. There is nothing more classic than a winter white trouser. To spice it up, I would wear it with the sequin tank. The only way J.Crew can improve these slacks is by carrying them in petite. That would be ideal.   

Love the Wool Felt Cloche, especially in this shore pink color. It is so lovely. It looks like it walked straight out of the 1940s, and we all know how “in” the 1940s look is right now.

Like any true Southern girl, I love pearls. Combine them with crystals and you have a winner in my book.

As I finish this post of loveliness, I am going to leave you with the image of this pretty shoe. Silk satin and a feather? What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. I am so, SO in love with the hat, now if only I had a reason to wear it!

    And I miss my J. Crew discount. Boo :(

  2. Hottness! I love all the pieces. I was just admiring them last night after we talked. I especially love the Addison Pants.

    Thanks for the shout out.